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With domestic revenues of over US$ 9 million, AYLEN Pharma is one of the fastest growing specialty generic pharmaceutical companies in the India. We provide high-quality, affordable medicines trusted by healthcare professionals and patients in all cities of India. AYLEN Pharma is also India’s fastest growing pharmaceutical company. Our PAN India presence is supported by over 10 manufacturing facilities across six states of India.

We have strong capabilities in developing generic and complex products with a robust pipeline of Product Dossiers and ANDAs, We are establishing our foothold in high-growth Emerging Markets (EM) like Russia, Romania, South Africa, Brazil and Malaysia.

We are in constant search of partners who match our values, work ethics and commitment to patients. We regard partnership and collaboration as an integral part of our business strategy. This important initiative is supported by a dedicated team for global business development, licensing and post-alliance management.

Our track-record of successful collaborations includes in/out licensing of products and technologies, joint ventures, as well as acquisition of assets. We offer a full range of both global and local integrated, organisational and commercial capabilities, combined with a history of successful product launches.

We would like to make strong association with Big Corporate Hospitals, Trust Hospitals, Chain of Pharmacies, Clinicians & Retailers to deliver our high-quality, affordable medicines.

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